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SS 20 by Shishkin
To work on SS20 collection, Jenia moved to Uzbekistan for six months to study minorities, their customs, traditions, and textile techniques. Some of the garments produced by Uzbek women who pass legends through their craft. Jenia is focused on principles of fair trade and sustainability, partly using vintage, stock or handmade textile from local markets.

"The most disturbing thing is all the beauty of Uzbekistan is disappearing in front of our eyes: all these stuff that was made for the dowry, every house interior detail, ancient chests, etc. Everything is thrown into the trash and instead of saving it they buy plastic mahogany furniture, foam plinths for plaster, cheap synthetics dresses. And, everything what I was inspired by, the locals seems to be very embarrassed about. All of them have in minds that we were mocking them as if we admired their poverty.Women who worked on the collection inspired me the most. They are powerful, independent, and so coincidentally all of them are single.The SS20 collection represents a new form of dowry that you can buy or make for yourself, whether you are going to get married or not." — Jenia Kim